Purchase from A Certified Women Owned Business

Buying from women means giving support Supporting women who take the initiative to work and build something for themselves is what we ( Pasal Nepal B2B ) strive to make happen at Everyday office Supplies. We do this not just because we are certified woman-owned business, but because women everywhere need people to have their …

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Office Electronics

Office Electornics

Technology is the way of future. The truth is that design and technological efficiency of your office could affect the productivity of your employee. Therefore, integration of modern tech equipment such as effective communication tools, adjustable tasks and good lighting would definitely boost their productivity and improve their work performance. To begin on the journey …

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Office Furniture

Office Furniture

Yes, Furniture is in fact office supplies.Think about it : are you emplyoees sitting working on computers at desks , or are they conducting work in like powpow-like-fashion ,sitting in a circle on the floor with their tablets and the laptops? What’s an office without file cabinets, tables, chairs, book shelves and various other furniture? Our …

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Your Complete Online Office Essential Supplier

Request A Quote For Office Supplies : http://bit.ly/2TzwqRL Pasal Nepal is the brand for the online shopping store in Nepal. People can buy online just browsing on their electronic gadgets like Smartphone, mobile phone, tablets, laptops and so on. As the technologies skyrockets, the new technologies make it easy for everything in the world. Bearing …

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